Monday, December 1, 2008

Insomnia anyone? No? Just me?

It's 3:24am central time. I am sitting on my bed in Nashville while all of UT has to go to class in mere hours, because I feel it is my time to respectfully bow out of this semester in its entirety. I will show up for my exams, sure; I will kiss the sombitch goodbye; but for now, I will sit here, eating celery, not sleeping.

Tomorrow, I will mail my papers to Reunion and call Campus France to make sure I can get my visa to study abroad. Red tape is such an idle bore. I will finish my philosophy paper on the environmental ethics behind mountaintop-removal, and write a feature-length journalism article on the lodgepole pine and its arch nemesis, the mountain pine beetle. After that, I may look at my Land Surface Systems take-home final exam. Hell, I might even do some of it. But mostly, tomorrow I will be at home, in Nashville.

Oh! Thanksgiving happened.

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