Thursday, December 4, 2008

RIP 100ft Stream Buffer Zone

Bush has got to go. He can't see the future. He's not thinking. He's pushing his own wild agenda, seemingly without an ounce of concern for the future.

On Tuesday, the Bush administration passed a rule change that now allows the already devastating practice of mountaintop-removal to be even more detrimental. Now the Office of Surface Mining can dump whatever they want into valleys, burying streams in the process.

I'm so glad for the future. Nothing is permanent. I'm positive on this.

I got the news about the rule change just today and I went onto and wrote a note to Obama's Transition Team on the environment. I'm sure it will help.

I wrote:
The rule change the lame duck just passed for the Office of Surface Mining is disgusting. Please fix it.

We cannot have OSM dumping the remains of blown up mountains into our stream beds. Mountaintop Removal is an invasive and debilitating practice. It should be done away with all together, but instead of moving forward on protecting our mountains, the Bush administration essentially obliterated the stream buffer zone on Tuesday. The streams that start in Appalachia are the headwaters of rivers all over the east. Over 2,000 miles of streams have already been buried, and that was when we HAD a stream buffer zone. Our streams must be protected. This isn't even a question. We need clean drinking water, especially when we are in a drought and freshwater is scarce. Please fix the huge mistake that the Bush administration just made.

The good that happened today: Ted drove me all the way back to Knoxville today so I could spend a few extra days in Nashville.


trh said...

I take it back. Not all blogs are self indulgent. Thanks for connecting me to so many new things.

hannahrose said...

Bush be damned together we can look forward to a better future! The winds of change are already blowing. I am so glad you're back to brighten the house again!