Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We're Going To Be Friends

Today I made a cake. It has a tree on it. It was also yum.

I also read Jelly Helm's blog today and watched a Honda commercial and liked it and it reminded me of a song I knew I liked but didn't know what it was called. I sat on the couch next to Jordan and without saying anything first, I hummed the beginning of it and stopped. He sang the rest of the chorus that I didn't hum and he told me what it is called.

Ted asked me "Can you believe how self-indulgent blogs are?"

No one reads my blog except Ted, so it's anyone's game.

But here: Americorps might not exist anymore with this economy. Write your senator if you want.

The good thing I saw today: I was walking with Scruffy and a lady smiled at me as I passed her house.


trh said...

You're awesome...I love reading your blog

hannahrose said...

MMmm I ate some of that cake. It was delicious.