Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seasonal transitions.

It's winter?! Crazy talk! Even though it was 25 degrees this morning, I'm going to deny it. I am not going to deny it as hard as I did last week, though. I froze my ass off! Today I wore my ski jacket (and I was still cold).

It is, however, that point in the semester that everyone seems to just throw in the towel. The sweatpants and ponytails come out to play. It's cold and it's dark at 5pm. I guess people feel like no one can see them anymore, and stop showering. That's fine with me. I'm nearly a self-professed hippie-lifestyle-lover.

I'm in the library now and I just turned around to see dozens of clusters of chattering youth! I thought I knew them all! It isn't true. I don't even know a-one. But we're all in the library right now with winter coats at our feet, nesting.

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