Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yes We Can.

In the final days of campaign season, I feel like I have been listening intently to political rhetoric for over a year now. My roommates and I are hosting an "Election Return Party" and there is talk of a victory bike ride, naked, if Obama wins. I'm almost positive it will end up being a near-naked bike ride, if anything. But, deep down I feel like the whole country will be wanting to do a victory lap of some sort when (note: 'when' not 'if') Obama wins. We deserve something good, especially while we are all dealing with so much shit, daily.

Good things happen even through economic and climatic crises. Good things like friends coming in town. Jordan came over and we walked all over my neighborhood and through the Old Grey Cemetery. I took all the pictures on this disposable camera (yeah, I know, they still make those?) I bought almost three years ago. I took some pictures with my digital camera, too and I'm realizing how much I really love taking pictures.

The colors were gorgeous. I think the best colors of fall in the city are in cemeteries. They are also the most quiet and respected outdoor places in metropolitan areas.

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