Friday, June 12, 2009


Munich is beautiful and we're having a great time mostly going to parks and walking around. We're staying with friends in a sunny apartment and the mood is chill.

Today we're driving 4 hours through the black forest, by Switzerland, and into Freiburg, Germany for a little holiday, again, staying with friends. Apparently it's called the 'Green City' because it is the only city in Germany run by the Green party, everyone rides bikes, and is just small, quaint and in the woods.

I climbed to the top of a hill yesterday and saw the Alps from a distance --looked like Rocky. :)

Germany has toilets with shit-shelfs, by the way. Something interesting.


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Lara said...

I think it was Dan that told me this... but I think they have shit-shelves because back in the old days, you'd defecate onto the shelf and then inspect it for worms.. and other things I guess.
I guess it just makes you more up close and personal with yourself.