Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Instead of doing my homework,

I will blog about toilets.

Public restrooms here generally look like public restrooms of the states, except they aren't as much "stalls" as little rooms with full doors and real locks.  You also have to turn on your very own tiny toilet-room light.  Most of the time, the lights don't work and you find yourself peeing blind.  In my opinion, the personal-sized pee rooms stink more than stalls because there is no air-flow.  What's more is they smell like tuna, which I accredit to the fish-rich diet here.  

Toilets don't have toilet seats, so I assume everyone squats.  I've also been in a public restroom here that was just a hole in the ground like the toilets you hear about in India.  That was a trip.

Also, even though they have rolls of toilet paper, half the time you will find the toilet paper is really tissues.  They dispense like tissues, feel like tissues, ARE, according to me, tissues.  You flush with a button, not a handle, and the water DOES spin the other way.  Thank you for this mild entertainment, Southern Hemisphere.  It's hard to tell though, because there is very little water in the bowl, not like the US that are half-way full and roar when flushed, usually spitting onto your skirt and make you say "Ew."  

It is a genuine and happy surprise when there is soap.  The faucets aren't handles either, but the you push down and slowly raise and turn off automatically.  Reminds me of elementary school, to tell you the truth.  

Everyday is an adventure when you have to pee in public.  And now I will close on a quote;

"Why do you Americans call it a 'restroom?'  I mean, I don't go in there to rest;  if anything, I go in there and struggle."  -anonymous Brit

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