Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lots of open windows

The portions of food here are tres grande. I have yet to finish a meal in one sitting. Chelsea told me to buck up and expand my stomach.

It was cooler last night and I slept. It was so great. I also ate fish today, which gave me some much-needed protein. I have abandoned the vegetarian ship for fresh fish from the Indian Ocean.

I got my student card today. Now I can buy a discounted bus pass and go anywhere I want without paying any drivers. The buses have their own lanes here in Reunion, which is a wonderful idea.

Skype works. s.d.packham

I was told by my only Reunionnaise friend, Christopher, that out of the Luke, Chelsea, and me, I know the least. I thought GREAT, gotta catch the f up. Then he gave me a little hope when he told me to stop speaking Creole. Hah. Who would have thought.

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